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Certified Airflow Testing in Southwest Missouri.

TABCO is a trusted partner for airflow testing, adjusting and balancing services throughout Southwest Missouri, including Springfield, Joplin, Rolla, Lebanon, and Branson. 

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At TABCO, we understand that accurate testing and balancing are a part of your larger operational goals. For example, airflow testing is critical for healthcare providers. TABCO can confirm proper functioning for negative and positive pressure rooms, protecting public safety and improving patient outcomes. 

Airflow testing is also important for luxury hotels, providing a comfortable experience for guests and efficient operations for owners. Whether it is an 11-story hospital building, a university laboratory facility, or an expansive office complex, TABCO has the specialized equipment and experience to ensure excellence.

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Air Handler Testing & Balancing

TABCO provides precise air handler testing for new installations as well as existing systems. We will complete functional performance testing to confirm operating specifications, rotation speeds, amperage draw, pressurization in each chamber, temperatures for heating and cooling at entry and exit. We will confirm engineer specifications, model number, and serial number. 

This information is often critical for new installations to verify submittals from installers. For new systems, air handler leakage testing can ensure optimum operation, efficiency, and management of valuable warranties.

The TABCO engineer maintains Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) Certification, which means we are always up-to-date with industry-leading training, education, equipment, and have the engineer oversee all projects. We are fully equipped to provide testing, adjusting, and balancing services that meet or exceed AABC standards.

While advanced technology and cutting-edge knowledge are important, we understand that traditional customer service and an honest work ethic make all the difference. We encourage you to contact our team for real, quality service.

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At TABCO, we operate with a client-mindset as a partner for your property over the long term. That means excellent service when we’re on-site, but it also means planning for the future. So we provide detailed documentation that will meet the needs of your business, whether for insurance, building certification, inspection, or warranty maintenance.

To provide peace of mind and ensure complete satisfaction, we provide the TABCO Performance Guarantee. Learn the details about the performance guarantee from TABCO, backed by the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC).

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TABCO in Springfield, MO

At Testing and Balancing Company of the Ozarks, LLC., we are truly dedicated to our customers. We are a family company, focused on long-standing, mutually beneficial partnerships.

If your property requires TAB services, contact TABCO in Springfield to start the conversation. We are always here for our customers.

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