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Building Envelope Testing in Southwest Missouri.

Testing and Balancing Company of the Ozarks, LLC., is an experienced provider of complete building envelope testing for our customers throughout Southwest Missouri, including Springfield, Joplin, Rolla, Lebanon, and Branson.

Building Envelope
Testing at TABCO

Testing and balancing services are often necessary for confirming the quality of the thermal envelope in new construction. Whether for purposes of LEED certification, quality assurance for commercial contractors, or simply insuring the property, TABCO can provide detailed assessment and reporting to help accomplish your goals. 

We will be here throughout the life of your property, ensuring optimal and efficient performance from day one.

New Construction & LEED Testing

Specialized Applications

Building envelope testing may be needed to achieve specialized objectives depending on your needs. For example, TABCO can provide room-by-room testing, balancing, assessment, and reporting. We will provide detailed data for each space in the building, in accordance with AABC standards. 

This may be necessary for a medical facility that requires individual testing for airborne infection isolation rooms, operating rooms, and procedure rooms. TABCO can provide complete, specialized testing of building envelope performance.

TABCO is dedicated to trusted, long-lasting business relationships in our region. Our reputation for excellence is based on that trust. We want every customer to enjoy certainty about their property, because certainty is the basis for success for many of our customers. 

For additional peace of mind, TABCO uses and follows the guidelines laid forth by the Standard Test Method for Determining Air Leakage Rate by Fan Pressurization (ASTM E779).

Building Envelope Testing.

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Testing and Balancing Company of the Ozarks, LLC., is dedicated to providing quality service for our community.

Whether for a hospital, hotel, data center, or elementary school, we are proud to do our part to ensure building systems perform properly, for comfortable, safe environment.

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